Dear Companions,

It will come as no surprise that the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter due to take place on Saturday 20 March 2021 has been postponed.
We have booked two provisional dates with Derby Masonic Hall – Saturday 19th June and Saturday 6th November. We hope one of them will prove suitable.

We are all only too painfully aware of the difficult times through which we are living. The Annual Convocation scheduled for March last year had to be cancelled, but all the Appointments, Re-appointments and Promotions were effective from that date.

A small meeting took place in October to carry out essential business with just a handful of Companions allowed to be present.

Clearly, circumstances have meant that those appointed to acting rank have not been able to enjoy their position as no events have taken place. This is a terrible shame as not only is it a great honour to be appointed to an acting office, but it is also a very convivial year. It is the intention of the Grand Superintendent to re-appoint this year’s acting officers so that they may enjoy a full and proper year in office. There will be three changes because the meeting marks the retirement of  EComp Philip Wright as Second Provincial Grand Principal –  EComp. Edward Foulds will be promoted to Second Provincial Grand Principal, EComp. Graham Boyd will be promoted to Third Provincial Grand Principal and EComp. Stuart Riley will be promoted to Scribe N. I am sure you will join with me in congratulating all the re-appointments and promotions, and hope that they will all have an opportunity to enjoy their roles more fully in the 2021-22 season.

As I reported to you last Autumn, those Past Zs from 2018 who might well have expected to receive a first appointment in 2021 will unfortunately have to wait another year. The Past Zs of 2019 will wait until 2023; but the new Zs of 2021 will be considered for first appointment in 2024, because there were no new Zs appointed in 2020. In 2024 the situation will therefore have reverted to the usual time scale.
Promotion in Provincial Rank has, as a general rule, increased over the years to every seven years. The Grand Superintendent wishes to reduce this wait and members who continue to work diligently and give good support to their Chapters will be promoted after six years in 2021, and five years thereafter. This is not a hard and fast rule and the Grand Superintendent may appoint and promote whomever he wishes at his sole discretion.

There will be just one first appointment in 2021 but there will also be re-appointments to Acting Office and new Promotions in Past Rank. All are detailed below, and all will be effective at noon on Saturday 20 March 2021, regardless of when the physical meeting takes place.



Deputy Grand Supt. Graeme Hutchinson, PGSwdB 4873
2nd Principal Edward Foulds, PGStB 1324
3rd Principal Graham S. Boyd, ProvGSN 1324
Scribe E. Roger H Till, PGStB, ProvGSE 253
Scribe N. Stuart A  Riley, PProvGSoj 8725
Treasurer (Elected) C Robert Lee, ProvGTreas 506
Registrar Michael Boyes, ProvGReg 731
Dir. of Ceremonies Philip A H Bowler, PGStB, ProvGDC 2224
Sword Bearer Thomas W McDougall, PProvGStB 8725
Dep. D. of C. John W White, ProvDGDC 1324
Almoner George Frost, PGStB, ProvGAlm 4873
Charity Steward Christopher Parnham, PProvGSwdB 787
Principal Sojourner Michael L Hitchcock, ProvGSoj 2129
1st Asst. Sojourner Ravi K Sahnan, ProvAssGSoj 4873
2nd Asst. Sojourner Wayne J Goodwin, ProvAssGSoj 1739
Asst. Scribe E. Keith Roberts, PPGReg, ProvAGSE 787
Standard Bearer Kenneth Atkin, ProvGStB 1235
Standard Bearer Matthew J Jenkinson, ProvGStB 9363
Organist Robert Atkin, ProvGOrg, PPGStB 3397
Asst. D. of C. Luke A Forest, PPGSoj 2224
Steward Christopher V Greenhough, ProvGStwd 850
Steward Malcolm L Smith, ProvGStwd 8725
Steward Paul A West, ProvGStwd 731
Steward David J Yates, ProvGStwd 1324
Steward Neil C Bowman 9065
Janitor Andrew J Wright, PPGSwdB, ProvGJan 353


Sword Bearer Steven M Gough, PPGSwdB (Middx)  Rule 32a 1324



Scribe N. Martin W Duesbury, PPGReg 681
Scribe N. Louis Moore, PPGReg 9171
Scribe N. Alan W Radford, PPGReg 731
Scribe N. Jack A Topham, PPGReg 3397
Registrar John E Atherton, PPGSwdB 654
Registrar Ian R Copestake, PPGSoj 1235
Registrar Roger Foster, PPDGDC 1324
Registrar Patrick J Hackett, PPGSwdB 625
Registrar John B Hall, PPGSwdB 1324
Registrar John Peck, PProvGSwdB 9363
Registrar Lindsay E H Robotham, PPGSwdB 9376
Registrar Malcolm I Titterton, PPGSwdB 3397
Registrar W Barrie Townsley, PPGSwdB 2355
Registrar Peter W Tryner, PProvGChStwd 5098
Registrar John W Twells, PPGSwdB 7064
Registrar John W White, ProvDGDC 1324
Registrar Andrew J Wright, ProvGJ, PPGSwdB 353
Sword Bearer Peter T Amos, PPGSoj 9363
Sword Bearer James B Boulton, PPGSoj 353
Sword Bearer Mark I Brearley, PPAGSoj 1739
Sword Bearer David J Chaplin, PPGSoj 3397
Sword Bearer Neil W Gaskin, PPGSoj 4873
Sword Bearer David C Greenway, PProvDGDC 731
Sword Bearer Anthony D Griffin, MBE, PPDGDC 2425
Sword Bearer Michael J Hauxwell, PPAGSoj 4873
Sword Bearer James Kerr, PPGSoj 654
Sword Bearer Adam W Lancashire, PProvAGSoj 7064
Sword Bearer Jeffrey J Malyon, PPGSoj 506
Sword Bearer Kevin Nicholls, PPAGSoj 681
Sword Bearer Benjamin J Turner, PPAGSoj 2224
Sword Bearer Charles Winterbottom, PProvGChStwd 654
Sword Bearer John P Wood, MBE, PPDGDC 731
Deputy D. of C. Edward T Allcock, PProvAGSoj 2224
Deputy D. of C. David P G Booth, PPAGSoj 2355
Deputy D. of C. Bryan R Chapman, PPGSoj 8725
Deputy D. of C. John W Croft, PPAGSoj 787
Deputy D. of C. John Evans, PPAGSoj 7064
Deputy D. of C. Barry H Mosley, PPAGSoj 4147
Deputy D. of C. Donald H Newing, PPAGSoj 9065
Deputy D. of C. Robert Wheeldon, PPAGSoj 1739
Principal Sojourner Eric Blackwell, PPGStB 9065
Principal Sojourner Gregory P Dexter, PProvGStB 5098
Principal Sojourner A Paul Liddle, PPGStB 850
Principal Sojourner Gordon Ross, PProvGStB 5098
Principal Sojourner Michael J Stephenson, PProvGStB 850
Principal Sojourner David Stirland, PProvGStB 1028
Principal Sojourner Melvyn White, PProvGOrg 8725
Asst. Sojourner John A Dearn, PPAGDC 625