E Comp Graham Redman, the Assistant Grand Scribe E and expert on all things regulatory (amongst many other things), was the guest speaker at the meeting of Derbyshire Principals’ Chapter on Tuesday 5th April.
His talk, after the Chapter closed, covered the Rules, Regulations, Edicts, Ettiquette and Protocols of Royal Arch Masonry and was the latest in his series of almost monthly talks throughout the country on the subject since he wrote his definitive book. He then took questions which ranged from “What do we call Past Grand Superintendents?” (apparently Ron and Tom is not strictly accurate) to “The role of red socks” (which answer you can probably guess!).

The meeting was attended by 50 or so companions and was enhanced by the presence of E Comp Niall Johnson who was in excellent form and looked very well following his recent medical problems. Welcome back to us, Niall.
David Bacon was elected as MEZ, Richard Moss as H and Bryan Tynan as J for the forthcoming year, with authority to appoint the other officers. Congratulations to them.