Dear Companions
I hope this email continues to find you all well and continuing to stay safe. It has been extremely marvellous to witness the efforts made by so many to support those in need at this time. You will have probably seen the message from the Provincial Grand Master concerning buddying schemes, which all Royal Arch Chapters have been pleased to embrace. I hope those Companions in need are receiving the necessary support they require and remember to let our hard-working Provincial Almoner know.

I was pleased to learn that almost 600 of you read last week’s email and 100 opened the links to the Solomon extracts. I am also grateful for the many of you who have sent messages of support for this initiative.

Please find below two more pieces to assist to fill the time and fulfil your daily advancement.


“Who was Zerubbabel ?”

I, like I am sure so many, sometimes fail to realise that different generations have different upbringings and pasts which can impact our understanding of the biblical and scripture readings and the characters in our ritual. This was brought home to me when E Comp Mike Neville attended Derbyshire Principals’ Chapter No 8509 to make a presentation based upon his excellent publication “Sacred Symbols”. He stated many brethren and companions in their 20’s and 30’s may not have had scripture lessons in school or attended Sunday School, so may not be as conversant with the characters. This lack of knowledge could cause difficulty in interpreting the message in our ritual. With that in mind I have this time chosen a nugget based on Zerubbabel and subject to the feedback will expand on this is the coming weeks, before moving on to other characters in our ritual.


“Hidden Jewel”

This presentation looks at the origins and rationale of the Royal Arch and its place in pure ancient freemasonry.

I do hope Companions find these of interest and I look forward to your feedback and suggestions for future subjects.

Don’t forget Companions – Keep Well and Stay Safe