Dear Companions,


 I hope everyone is well and continuing to cope with this very different way of life and we all keeping safe and sane.

My many thanks to those who have provided feedback on this programme so far and I hope you all continue to enjoy it. If in discussion with other Companions please discuss it with them and encourage them to join our mutual advancements in masonic knowledge. Many of you I know have already expanded on last weeks nugget by researching some of the other papers on Solomon concerning Zerubbabel and therefore the paper I had planned for this week may appear surplus to your requirements. However for the benefit of those of you who did not take that further step I include here the paper I was to suggest for this week.


“Zerubbabel – Prince of the People”

 This paper expands on last weeks nugget and is an extract from “The Royal Arch Explained” and expands on the character Zerubbabel as a searcher of truth.


 “Sash, Sword and Trowel”

 About 18 months ago I attended a Chapter where some 6 or 7 Companions all had their sashes over the wrong shoulder and when I spoke with them the combined answer was “we copied him because we thought he knew what he was doing”. Others say “we wear it that way because we don’t have a sword”. Well I am sure there are many of us who have had to stop and think which way the sash goes. Well hopefully this shorty nugget will assist our understanding of the origins of our regalia and the manner in which it is worn.


 “Sword & Trowel – an alternative view”

 As ever amongst masonic scholars there are always contradictory views as to why certain things are done, or from where things originate. This paper brings an alternative view and questions whether the legend of the sword and trowel is actually a myth? Hope you find this of interest.

Next week we will return to the biblical characters with a  look at Haggai the Prophet and commence a journey of learning from the Royal Arch.

Remember keep well and stay safe