Dear Companions,

Well now it is 6 weeks since we commenced these communications and we all continue to come to terms with physical social distancing and it’s impact on our daily lives.

I do hope that you are continuing to find these guides to further learning and development helpful and that we may soon put these new learning into practice when our convocations recommence.

Of course this week would have been in the Annual Investiture Meeting of Supreme Grand Chapter and I add my congratulations and best wishes to those Derbyshire Companions who will assume their new ranks and titles from Thursday and I am only sorry we cannot celebrate together in London as we had planned.

“Who was Joshua?”

This short nugget gives a portrayal of Joshua the biblical character represented in our Chapters by the Third Principal.

“Joshua – A Spiritual Leader”

This is a further extract from “The Royal Arch Explained” and as well as expanding on the above nugget, Companions who are learning the address to the robes and sceptres of the Third Principal may find this assists in their understanding of that piece of ritual.

“The Significance of Three – the importance of three to the Royal Arch”

Why Three? This is a question often asked and there are many differing explanations , some relating to the times before the Royal Arch was “De-Christianised” hopefully this paper if not satisfying your questions will raise others for you to consider in the symbolical significance of Three in the Royal Arch?

Hope you continue to enjoy these pieces, and I will endeavour to recommend some further pieces relating to the Royal Arch Learnings and Furnishings for next week before continuing are researches into the biblical characters of the Royal Arch in the following weeks.

Remember Companions, Stay well and Keep safe and I look forward to your company in the future.