Dear Companions,

Well we enter into May and the 7th weekly Royal Arch mailing.

The feedback from those using these Nuggets and Presentations has been most encouraging from both recently exalted Companions and Grand Officers alike (and of course all in between).

If you are in contact with other Companions share your experience and you may encourage those who have not taken up this opportunity to do so.


 “The Triple Tau – The Only Original Masonic Banner”

 There are many differing views on the meaning of the Triple Tau and its origins and meanings, however what can be undisputed is the fact that amongst the ensigns and banners of the Royal Arch it is the only banner not to originate from the Twelve Tribes of Israel.


 “From Darkness into Light – The moving climax of an inspiring Journey”

 This is a further extract from “The Royal Arch Explained” and again addresses the understanding of one’s spiritual self, as well as our physical being and appreciate our relationship with TALGMH.

Hope you continue to enjoy this series, promise a return to the biblical characters next week.

Stay Safe & Keep Well