A very busy meeting of St.Alkmund’s Chapter saw the Dedication of a new Provincial Standard in the presence of the full Provincial team, the presentation of the Grand Superintendent’s Certificate of Merit to EComp. Glyn Hall,  the delivery of EComp. Neville Barker Cryer’s paper “The Chapter Figures Explained” by the Chapter officers and the presentation of a certificate to a recent exaltee. All this plus a full house and a convivial festive board to follow (as you will gather from the photos).

It has been a long, long time since a Provincial Standard dedication and the ceremony was devised by our Director of Ceremonies, and soon to be Deputy Grand Superintendent, EComp. Graeme Hutchinson. The standard itself was designed by EComp. Graham Weston and the stand and frame were made by EComp. John Auger – both of whom were present to see their handiwork.

E.Comp Glyn Hall was then given a massive surprise when he became the recipient of the Certificate of Merit for long and meritorious service to his chapter and the Province. Words almost failed him. He was enthusiastically applauded on his well-deserved honour and we know he must realise how rare these CMs are.

Thanks, as ever to EComp. George Frost for the many photos.