Another splendid and most enjoyable Annual Officers’ Dinner was held at the Engine Shed in Derby last Saturday, when 70 Officers and their Ladies gathered to start the new year.
There were a few absentees this year due to holidays (we moved the date to avoid a Tercentenary event), but others took their place to give us a near capacity crowd. Of course we missed those who couldn’t be with us and hope they’ll be back next year.
The Grand Superintendent’s toast was given by Graeme Hutchinson and Mrs Karen Cunnington was thanked for her support of our Grand Superintendent and presented with a small floral arrangement as a mark of our thanks. In his response the GS gave especial thanks to the Officers’ Ladies for all their support to their men and thereby to Provincial Chapter. He marked the retirement of our Scribe E Roger Haylett by paying tribute to Roger’s deputy Val (Deputy, really? – methinks there’s a bit of unrecognised role reversal there) and presenting her also with some flowers in gratitude for all she has done for Provincial Chapter.