Dear Companions,
Welcome to the eleventh of our fortnightly communications, and the 21st Learning & Development communication since the first suspension of Freemasonry in March 2020.

It is quite fitting that this, the final scheduled L&D communication before the summer break, will probably be the final communication in this format as we all hope to resume our regular convocations and can start to enjoy our ceremonies and festive board together once again.

Last week the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and I met with the other Provincial Principals to discuss how we can best support Chapters on resumption. It was pleasing to see that some Chapters have already arranged additional meetings to deal with the waiting list of brethren awaiting exaltation. It is exciting to see that between resumption and March 2022 there are plans for 41 exaltations, an amalgamation, a consecration and three Chapter Centenaries. The Three Principals and I have made plans to support as many of these convocations as we can, although we are mindful that in some cases Chapters may prefer a low key resumption and delay our return to your Convocations until you feel most comfortable to receive us.

We must all be mindful on our return that some Companions may not be as comfortable as others with a return to mass gatherings and we all must remain vigilant and ready to support these Companions. No Companion should feel pressurised to return until they are ready! We must also dust off the ritual books to ensure that the exaltees get the best opportunity to appreciate the beauty of our Convocations.

It would now be usual to direct your attention to nuggets and presentations from Solomon. However we have now considered all the usual papers referring to  the Royal Arch. Solomon continues to develop and modules have been released over the past year covering the three Craft degrees. It can only be a matter of time that similar modules will be released for the Installed Master and for the Royal Arch. Please continue to visit the Solomon site for evolving articles

Finally can I remind you that the next webinar, entitled “Mysteries of the Royal Arch”, is on Tuesday 8th June 2021 @ 19:30 when there will be an interview with M.E. Comp Gareth Jones, O.B.E., Third Grand Principal. You can book for this event via this link

Well companions that concludes the 21 communications I have submitted during the general and local suspensions. May I thank all of you who have provided feedback and encouragement and I look forward to seeing you all personally in your Chapters in the coming months.

Sincerely & Fraternally,