Dear Companions,

Welcome to the 3rd of the resumed communications from Provincial Grand Chapter.

Once again the feedback to previous Solomon references has been most encouraging as has the news of more Chapters holding virtual meetings, some solely for social and welfare reasons whilst others have embraced opportunities to include talks. During January either the Third Provincial Grand Principal or myself have joined the virtual meetings of Ecclesburne 2425, Chantrey 2355 and Round Table 8725 and already we have accepted invitations to join Chantrey 2355 and St Alkmund 1739 and look forward to invitations to support other Chapters in due course.

If you are holding virtual meetings you may wish to share the content of these communications with those who have for whatever reason not registered to use Solomon themselves.

You should also have by now seen the news that the Provincial Meeting has been postponed in March with alternative dates provisionally booked for June or November. I extend my congratulations to all who will be re-appointed or promoted effective from 20th March 2021.

Today I continue to consider the furnishings of the Chapter, which many of us have not physically seen now for almost a full year due to the ongoing pandemic. Today I concentrate on that central piece of furniture, the pedestal. Often referred to by many as a double cube or altar of incense, the following nugget may also encourage you to consider the following paper which reflects on this piece of furniture so central in our exaltation ceremony.


 “The Double Cube”

 A description of the Double Cube which may resolve or fuel the debate between altar or pedestal



 “The Pedestal”

This paper is a further extract from the “Royal Arch Explained” series and adds to what was found in the nugget above.


Finally Companions, I wish you and your families well, and with the ever-expanding vaccine roll out hope we can all again look forward to our merry convocations.

Yours sincerely & fraternally