Dear Companions,

Welcome to the fourth of our fortnightly communications, aimed at both keeping in touch and also encouraging consideration of making the study of the Royal Arch part of our daily masonic learning.

Already since the resumption of these communications we have seen a much brighter outlook from the Government and the latest news suggests that by June virtually all of our Companions should have been offered vaccinations. We must all now be wondering when there may be a resumption of mass gatherings and a reduction in social distancing that will allow a return to our Chapter convocations and ceremonies. It has also been heartening to see Companions making themselves available to provide transport to vaccination centres where needed.

Last week I was delighted to join the Companions of St Alkmund Chapter No 1739 on their regular convocation evening where they invited along the 4 other Chapters meeting in Burton (2 Derbyshire & 2 Staffordshire) and we explored how we involve and retain new exaltees. Next week E. Comp. E. Foulds, PGStB, Third Provincial Grand Principal will join the Companions of Chantrey Chapter No 2355 via Zoom on what would normally have been their Installation Convocation. Remember if you require support on your zoom gatherings please let us know, and even if you don’t please let us know what you are doing.


“Platonic Solids – Background & History”
Recent feedback from some Companions has made reference to the Platonic Bodies. These are not seen if every Chapter, and predominantly, but not universally, displayed in Chapters practising the Domatic ritual. Well what are they?


“The Platonic Bodies – a link with great philosophers”


Well if that nugget left you wanting more, here is a more detailed presentation which is a further extract from “The Royal Arch Explained”


“Pure Antient Masonry Triumphant”

 For those who have not looked at Solomon lately, I would advise you not only is the content in the form of nuggets, papers and PowerPoint presentations ever increasing, but other interesting papers are also being regularly added. This link takes you to a paper delivered in Supreme Grand Chapter in 2003 to mark the BI-Centenary celebrations by E. Comp. John Hammill.

I hope you enjoy this communication and I look forward to seeing you all in the fullness of time.

Sincerely & Fraternally