Dear Companions,

Welcome to the fifth of our fortnightly communications, aimed at both keeping in touch and encouraging consideration of making the study of the Royal Arch part of our daily masonic learning.

We will soon have indications as to whether the Government roadmap is achievable and when we will be able to resume our convocations. Many thanks to the Chapters who have responded to the Provincial Grand Scribe E’s request for guidance on what and when your Chapters will convene. We now have provisional dates for over 30 exaltations, some of which are at additional convocations, and I would ask any Chapter Scribe E who has not yet responded to do so as soon as possible, remembering we are only asking for your best guess at this stage.

As the possibility of meeting approaches many will now be considering swapping their research for their ritual books, especially those Principals who are preparing to install their successors or undertake exaltation ceremonies. These brethren have been waiting a long time for their exaltations and we owe it to them to ensure our ritual is at its best on resumption.

However to maintain the appetite of those of you who have been following this series with enthusiasm I have again been studying Solomon to expand on the learnings we have already shared. I hope you enjoy these extracts and I look forward to hearing the plans of all Chapters on resumption.


“The Entry of the Sojourners”

As we prepare for the return of exaltations maybe it is time to reflect on the ceremony and ask why do the Sojourners make three entrances into the Chapter?


“The Julian Legend – one explanation of the Sojourners story”

Where did the story of the Sojourners come from? One explanation is presented in this paper.


“Exaltation Overview”

Since my early days in the Royal Arch one of the leading figures to assist in my understanding of the ceremony and the symbolical meanings of aspects of our ceremonies has been the late  Rev. Neville Barker Cryer. This paper is derived from one of his many publications in providing an explanation of the exaltation ceremony and the Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate.

Well that completes this edition. Hopefully you will not find too many glaring errors in this, unlike the last edition when I referred to E Comp John Hamill’s address to Grand Chapter as being in 2003 rather than 2013. Sorry no prizes for those of you who noticed, only an assurance I will try and do better.

Hoping you all remain safe and well until we can meet again

Sincerely & Fraternally