Dear Companions,

Welcome to the seventh of our fortnightly communications, and the 17th such communication since the first general suspension of Freemasonry in March 2020. As always it is aimed at both keeping in touch and also encouraging consideration of making the study of the Royal Arch part of our daily masonic learning.

I, like I am sure many of you, are now contemplating what the resumption of Freemasonry will be like once the nation reaches Step 4 of the Government exit strategy. Will there still be restrictions on numbers, social distancing, masks, festive boards etc. I am sure we all hope for the end of all of this but only when it is safe to do so and we can return to installations and exaltations conducted as we would expect.

I hope you all saw the communication last week concerning the launch of “Solomon Live” I know some of you have already registered for the first live webinar with the Grand Secretary/Grand Scribe E but for those who have not yet done so and wish to the link is repeated here.

Hopefully you have all had the opportunity to enjoy the Easter weekend and been able to extend your social gathering with your loved ones.

I hope you continue to enjoy these offerings which on this occasion concentrate on some of the biblical and historical aspects of the Order.


“Biblical Timeline for the Royal Arch”

Some aspects of our ceremonies are better understood when considered against a timeline.


“What was the Sanhedrin”

The exploration of the origins, functions and practices of the Great and Lesser Sanhedrin


“The Great or Grand Sanhedrin”

An exploration of the Sanhedrin’s role in Old Testament Judaism and the references to it in modern-day Royal Arch Masonic Ritual

Best wishes and I hope to see you all soon.

Sincerely & Fraternally