Earlier this year Supreme Grand Chapter set all Provinces a Membership Challenge. The task was to increase the number of members gained to match the number of members lost – so maintaining the overall numbers.

I am pleased to report that in this Province, at the end of November, despite the number of members throughout the whole of SGC being slightly less than a year ago, in the Provincial Grand Chapter of Derbyshire we have increased the number of members by an impressive 2% (and our memberships, which include memberships of more than one chapter, by 3.7%).

We have had 50 exaltees, 31 joiners/re-joiners and 20 founders in the last twelve months and have 44 waiting to become members (which is getting on for an additional 5% of our current membership).

Not only that, but we stand in the top five Provinces in terms of exaltees as a proportion of members – a measure of the effectiveness of our recruitment efforts in what was already a healthy Province.

As 2023 begins to draw to a close, we can celebrate a successful year in our Chapters – not only numbers, but also the happy, enjoyable feeling that exists therein.



All our Companions should have received this notification, but in case you’ve been on Mars for the last week

The Deputy Grand Scribe E wishes me to inform you that consequent upon the forthcoming retirement of
E Comp C.A.G. Cunnington, the ME The First Grand Principal has been pleased to appoint:
E Comp I.R. Copestake
to the office of Grand Superintendent in and over Derbyshire with effect from 1 April 2024

Details will follow as soon as they are available from SGC.

Charles and his team will still be out and about visiting, enjoying and supporting Chapters; and impavidly offering assistance until the end of March. So very much business as usual!