The papers below are available to read and download free.
This page is meant to stimulate research into Royal Arch Masonry. There will be papers which vary from the sensible and thoughtful to the downright absurd. Please read them with a critical eye.
Not all the papers refer to the English Constitution.
None of the papers are endorsed by the Provincial Grand Chapter of Derbyshire, but some (such as the links to the Province of East Lancashire) are quite obviously more reliable than others.

If you have papers or links which you think may usefully be added to this page please contact the Provincial Grand Scribe E.

Provincial Grand Chapter of Cumberland and Westmorland – Resources Pages – click here to view

Provincial Grand Chapter Of East Lancashire – Education Pages – click here to view

MQ Magazine Interview With George Francis – click here to view

The Fourth Degree In The Craft – Yasha Beresiner – click here to read

The Twelve Tribes Of Israel – click here to read

Excellent Master / Passing The Veils – click here to read

Royal Arch History in 3 Lectures by Albert Mackey
Lecture 1 – The Destruction Of The Temple – click here to view
Lecture 2 – The Captivity At Babylon – click here to view
Lecture 3 – The Return To Jerusalem – click here to view

The Mysticism Of The Royal Arch -C R Manasseh – click here to view

Wilmshurst – The Meaning of the HRA – click here to view

Making Sense of Royal Arch Masonry – E John T Acaster – click here to view

The Mistery (sic) of the Royal Arch Word – Arturo de Hoyos – click here to view

The Royal Arch Lectures – Provincial Grand Chapter of Wiltshire – click here to view

The Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem Dormer Masonic Study Circle – click here to view

Discussion paper “The Holy Royal Arch” from United Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark and Royal Arch Masons of New South Wales – click here to view

Craft and Royal Arch Legends – Rev. N Barker Cryer – The Masonic Trowel Education pages – click here to view
then click on York Rites, then Craft and Royal Arch Legends

An Outsiders View of Freemasonry – The Holy Royal Arch – Gilles Nullens –click here to view

Why MEGS? From the Province of South Wales

The return of The Exiles Under Sheshbazzar and Zerubbabel – Journal of Evangelical Theological Society 51/3 Steinmann – click here to view