The Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter, as required by Royal Arch Regulation 37, was finally held last Thursday, 22 October, at 2pm at Derby Masonic Hall.
Every available seat was taken – the six attending being the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals and Scribes E and N.
During the business, the minutes of last year’s Convocation were confirmed, the audited accounts approved and adopted, EComp. Robert Lee re-elected as Provincial Grand Treasurer, EComp Brian Moyse re-elected as Auditor and the Appointments and Promotions made on 21 March were all confirmed. It was resolved that the Provincial dues remain at £4. There was no other business.
Once again we congratulate those whose appointments and promotions were confirmed, namely –

Dep. Grand Supt. Graeme Hutchinson, PGSwdB 4873
2nd Principal Philip John Wright, PGStB 353
3rd Principal Edward Foulds, PGStB 1324
Scribe E. Roger H Till, PGStB, ProvGSE 253
Scribe N. Graham S Boyd, ProvDGDC 1324
Treasurer (Elected) C Robert Lee, ProvGTreas 506
Registrar Michael Boyes, ProvGReg 731
Dir. of Ceremonies Philip A H Bowler, PGStB, ProvGDC 2224
Sword Bearer Thomas W McDougall, PProvGStB 8725
Dep. D. of C. John W White, ProvDGDC 1324
Almoner George Frost, PGStB, ProvGAlm 4873
Charity Steward Christopher Parnham, PProvGSwdB 787
Principal Sojourner Michael L Hitchcock 2129
1st Asst. Sojourner Ravi K Sahnan 4873
2nd Asst. Sojourner Wayne J Goodwin 1739
Asst. Scribe E. Keith Roberts, PPGReg, ProvAGSE 787
Standard Bearer Kenneth Atkin 1235
Standard Bearer Matthew J Jenkinson 9363
Organist Robert Atkin, PPGStB 3397
Asst. D. of C. Luke A Forest, PPGStB 2224
Steward Christopher V Greenhough 850
Steward Malcolm L Smith 8725
Steward Paul A West 731
Steward David J Yates 1324
Janitor Andrew J Wright, PPGSwdB, ProvGJan 353
Principal Sojourner Marc W Stevens, PProvGSoj (Notts) Rule 32a 2425
Principal Sojourner J Ian Willgoose 1028
Standard Bearer Paul S Barrass, PProvGStB(Staffs) Rule 32a 9065
Standard Bearer David J Joyce 787
Ass. D of C. David W Smith 5098


Scribe N Kenneth Newton, PPGReg 253
Scribe N. J Roy Salthouse, PPGReg 1235
Scribe N. C Eric Twelves, PPGReg 9363
Registrar T Michael Bevan, PProvAGSE 787
Registrar Christopher A Herrett, PPGSwdB 3397
Registrar Christopher Parnham, PProvGSwdB 787
Registrar Malcolm J Tate, PProvGSwdB 5098
Sword Bearer John A Sayers, PPGSoj 787
Sword Bearer Paul A Selby, PPGSoj 506
Sword Bearer John Summerfield,PPGChStwd 1028
Sword Bearer Jeremy V Thomas, PProvGSoj 9376
Deputy D. of C. Robert W Gregory, PPAGSoj 1324
Deputy D. of C. Malcolm J Smith, PPAGSoj 9376
Deputy D. of C. Paul L Shepherd, PPAGSoj, PPDGSwdB(WYorks) 2355
Deputy D. of C. John H Tivey, PPAGSoj 5098
Deputy D. of C. Richard J Toon, PPAGSoj 7064
Deputy D. of C. Roger JW Turner, PPAGSoj 9171
Principal Soj Luke A Forest, PPGStB 2224
Principal Soj James W Jordan, PPGStB 506
Principal Soj Duncan S Marshall, PPGStB 253
Principal Soj Anthony S Ross, PProvGStB 2425
Principal Soj Kultaran Singh, PProvGStB 6736
Principal Soj  Robert J Smallwood, PProvGOrg 253
Asst. Sojourner Jeremy S Haynes, PProvAGDC 850
Asst. Sojourner Christopher M Kenny, PPAGDC 625
Asst. Sojourner Anthony V Mather, PPGStB 2129
Standard B Cyril Bishton, PPGStwd 2224
Standard B Danny M Brown, PPGStwd 7064
Standard B Stephen J Cox, PPGStwd 9171
Standard B Robin L Gray, PProvAGDC 681
Standard B Robert H Moore, PPGStwd 1739
Standard B David J Peet, PProvAGDC 2425
Standard B Andrew J Travis, PPGStwd 9363