Dear Companions,

Welcome to the 10th weekly communication from me regarding the Royal Arch – Learning & Development,

Again I am grateful for the feedback once again received this week, especially from those of you sorry to learn this is the last planned weekly communication until after the summer break.

I hope many of you have enjoyed these communications as much as I have enjoyed collating them and that you will continue to make use of Solomon and other online opportunities to expand your research in the Royal Arch and other areas of Freemasonry in which you may have an interest.

This being the final weekly communication does not mean all communications will or need to end. As the current suspension of Freemasonry is reviewed and there is more to communicate I am sure the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Provincial Grand Scribe E or myself will again be in communication with you. I also hope that the units with which you are attached are also doing their bit to keep you interested and advised of online events or communications of assistance. I know I have been thoroughly looking forward to the fortnightly calls I receive from two of the Chapters to which I am attached and tonight I am looking forward to joining the Companions of Round Table Chapter No 8725 who will he holding a Zoom video conference in place of their regular convocation. I have been impressed with the Zoom meetings that I have been engaged with in recent weeks and it is great to hear how brethren and companions are keeping in touch and meeting their brethren online to discuss areas of mutual interest and moral support.

If your Chapters are holding similar sessions I look forward to hearing form you as to how they are going.

As I stated last week June is the start of the summer recess for Royal Arch Masonry in Derbyshire and of course this year it was planned for Fairfield Chapter to celebrate their centenary on 16th June. May I congratulate the Companions of Fairfield Chapter on achieving this milestone and we all look forward to celebrating with you when circumstances allow.

I had prepared a list of future nuggets and presentations to provide topics in a variety of areas and a logical sequence and at the time intending them to go on over the coming weeks, I have therefore brought forward the following selections in order to complete a couple of topics we have been covering in recent weeks, hope you enjoy and if we are not attending convocations again by September will seek to recommence this series.

In the meantime enjoy these, remember if you need support to contact your Almoner or Provincial Almoner but above all keep well and stay alert and safe.


“Scribes Ezra and Nehemiah”

 Having considered the two Scribes characterised within our ceremonies this short nugget again visits these two characters as well as the “Books” of the VSL associated with them


“Why Ezra and Nehemiah?”

 Having looked extensively at the characters Ezra & Nehemiah this nugget looks at why they became part of the Chapter story.


 “The Meaning behind the Furnishings of the Royal Arch”

 This complements last week’s presentation on “The Meaning behind the Ceremony of the Royal Arch” and may give you the motivation to consider some if the papers concerning the Royal Arch colours and furnishings

Thanking you all for your companionship