Dear Companions,

Well after 9 weeks of the suspension of Freemasonry we come to the penultimate week of this series of weekly messages relating to Solomon and Learning & Development.

I personally have been greatly encouraged by the positive feedback received from so many relating to these weekly messages. However as June normally marks the start of the summer break as far as Royal Arch masonry in Derbyshire is concerned I have in consultation with the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent decided that after next weeks update I will suspend these missives for the summer and will resume again in September should we not have returned to the “new normal” by then.

With that in mind I have brought forward a piece I was saving for later in the series in order to continue the link with the biblical characters represented in our ceremonies, hope you enjoy.


 “Who was Scribe Nehemiah”

 In line with previous nuggets this is a short biography of the character represented in our Chapters by Scribe N.



 “Nehemiah – Patriot”

 This further expands on the nugget above and is a further extract from “The Royal Arch Explained”



 “The meaning behind the Ceremony of the Royal Arch”

 The recent introduction of the “Setting the Scene” readings during our ceremonies of exaltation has reminded many of us, of meanings and symbolism we may have forgotten about, well this paper looks at some of the meanings of other actions taken in our ceremonies.


I hope you enjoy these, until next week, stay safe and keep well