On Thursday 14 March, St. Alkmund’s Chapter held a meeting to celebrate E Comp Ernest Tryner’s 60 years in Royal Arch Masonry – 15 months late, due to the pandemic. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, his Deputy, the Second and Third Provincial Principals and many other Provincial and Supreme Grand Chapter Officers were in attendance to show their deep appreciation of Ernest’s work for the Royal Arch over such a long period. The Grand Superintendent, E Comp Charles Cunnington, delivered a heart-felt summary of all Ernest’s achievements – not least of all his role as Charles’s Masonic mentor from initiation to now (and beyond). The Provincial Grand Scribe E could only find one other 60th celebration in our records – and that was way back in the last century (1999).

Ernest responded in his inimitable and modest style, laying the blame solely at the foot of his genes, reminding us that his sister has recently celebrated her 100th birthday. But we know better, there’s much more to it than just getting older.

The festive board was a most enjoyable occasion, fuelled by Ernest’s generous supply of wine. However, he expects someone else to supply the wine for his 70th. We’ll have champagne!

What a wonderful example to us all.