After 2020’s Convocation of six, and 2021’s socially-distanced Convocation of 133, at last we were back to normal with our 2022 Annual Convocation on 16th June with an almost full temple of 240 and a full dining room of 190. Except, of course that this was the 3rd Thursday afternoon in June instead of our old date of 3rd Saturday morning in March. The change seemed to enable some new companions to attend and seemed well appreciated.

Our guest of honour was the Grand Third Principal, Gareth Jones, who addressed the Convocation with his usual aplomb and engaged with many companions after in the bar to hear their views.

The dinner also served as a commemoration of the Battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny, the opening engagements of the Battle of Waterloo – and the Companions all had place mats with details of Waterloo, which they were free to keep! A daily advancement in non-masonic knowledge.

Many congratulations to all those appointed and promoted – especially to our new Deputy Grand Superintendent Graham Boyd and to our new Third Provincial Principal Stuart Riley. Patrick Whitham was also appointed acting Scribe N.  And massive thanks to the retiring Deputy Grand Superintendent for all his hard work over the years.

EComp A Seales Officer in Attendance; EComp Eddie Foulds 2nd PGP; MEComp Gareth Jones 2nd Grand Principal; EComp Charles Cunnington MEGS;  EComp Stuart Riley 3rd PGP; EComp Graham Boyd Dep GS


Full list of appointments and promotions can be found in the summons –  Summons 2022F