There may well be arguments about the location of the Roman Lutudarum – Chesterfield, Wirksworth, Crich, Carsington – but there was no argument that Lutudarum Chapter’s Installation was first class and no pig (of lead, silver or otherwise). An excellent evening was enjoyed by the Provincial team, who observed a very efficient (especially as Aldergate ritual seems  back to front to many of us) ceremony performed to the highest standard by the three Principals and the incoming Principal. As you might expect, E.Comp. Sellers was well in charge of the evening (except when it came to sorting the coffee pourers – but then experience showed its face when Niall saved the day). Talking of which, it was great to see Niall looking so well after his recent surgery – keep behaving yourself Niall!

Either Provincial visits bring out the very best ritual, or the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent has a knack of picking the best events to visit – either way the Provincial visits continue to exceed our expectations.


Thanks, as ever, to E.Comp George Frost (our very own GoFro) for the super photos

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