Beaureper Chapter’s meeting on 5th May was meant to be remarkable because two Provincial Grand Chapter delegations were attending. It was. But it was even more remarkable because the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent kept secret his intention to present his Certificate of Merit to Beaureper’s long-standing organist E.Comp. Vernon Barnes. And what a special moment it was when Vernon suddenly realised what was happening. But you don’t get to 89 without learning how to be on top of any situation, and there was no doubt who the star of the show was!

The Most Excellent GrandSuperintendent was accompanied by his Deputy, the Second and Third Provincial Principals and a total of 22 Officers; the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Warwickshire, E.Comp. John L.Saint was also in attendence, accompanied by his Deputy and other Principals and a total of 19 Officers. This was in response to the assistance given to John by the Beaureper D of C Keith Roberts recently when John had a puncture just off the M42 island at Curdworth. Keith managed to use his inside knowledge of the breakdown services to get John on his way again quickly – an act “above and beyond” which earned him the great thanks of John and the promise of a visit.

All of which did not detract from an expertly delivered ceremony by the officers to exalt a very worthy candidate Bro. Adam Foulkes.