On Saturday 3 September, the first Consecration and Constitution of a new Chapter in the Province of Derbyshire for 28 years was held at Freemasons’ Hall, Derby.

Musket, Pike and Drum Chapter No. 9906 was sponsored by the Lodge of the same name and both are the home of Historical Re-enactors of all periods of History. Their motto is “For the Love of History” – and they certainly made history that day. They proposed 10 candidates for exaltation, that number being the most they will have time to exalt in the first year – but there are more candidates waiting.

The Consecrating and Installing Teams gave us a splendid ceremony and it was followed by an unique Festive Board with the Founders now clothed in their period costumes. An unusual sight! The port and cheese were drummed in and around the room. Plenty of fines were levied for minor infractions, which together with a raffle started the Chapter’s Charity Fund in great style raising a few hundred pounds.

Engraved glasses and Founders’ Jewels were presented to the Consecrating and Installing Officers to thank them for their hard work – and were well received. I shall say nothing about the Grand Superintendent’s gnome.

The Consecrating and Installing Team with the Principals of MPD Chapter


The Founders and the Consecrating and Installing Team


Some of the Founders in less formal attire