Since 1st September last year Provincial Grand Chapter has welcomed 32 exaltees, 10 joiners and 3 re-joiners. There are currently another 38 approved candidates and seven more awaiting approval.

We welcome them all and list the exaltees, all of whom we hope will enjoy the Royal Arch.

John William David McDonald C8725 Round Table
David William Fern C2224 Fairfield
Carl Aidan Flint C2224 Fairfield
Benjamin Thomas Fern C2224 Fairfield
Jonathan Alan Woolley C506 Mundy Grove
Philip Stuart Harris C353 Royal Sussex
Mark Haywood C353 Royal Sussex
Daniel Francis Brown C4873 Tutbury Priory
Andrew Irvine Polkey C1739 St Alkmund’s
Thomas Paul Best C1739 St Alkmund’s
John Hadfield Maltby C625 Devonshire
Nicholas James Grayson C681 Scarsdale
Robert Guy C681 Scarsdale
Kieron Lee Salt C9363 Lutudarum
Eromosele Philip Omenai C7064 Mentor
Ivan James Baker C7064 Mentor
Fabrice Thierry Bodo C7064 Mentor
Matthew Alexander Perrins C787 Beaureper
Daniel Arthur Phillips C787 Beaureper
Adam Russell King C850 St Oswald
Ian Walker C1324 Okeover
Matthew Smith C1324 Okeover
Paul Geoffrey Hamilton C5098 Harrington
Peter Kimpton Giblin C253 Chapter of Justice
Robert Kyles Roden C253 Chapter of Justice
Vivian Frances R Beckford C9906 Musket, Pike and Drum
Andrew Paul Robinson C9906 Musket, Pike and Drum
Michael Arthur Smart C9906 Musket, Pike and Drum
Herbert Eames C9906 Musket, Pike and Drum
Samuel James Berrie C9906 Musket, Pike and Drum
Graham Bevan C9906 Musket, Pike and Drum
Michael John Rodger C9906 Musket, Pike and Drum

The most recent exaltation was that of Peter Giblin into Chapter of Justice on 14th March. His exaltation was witnessed by his brother EComp David Giblin, J of Round Table Chapter. He was welcomed by the Third Provincial Grand Principal, EComp Stuart Riley who remarked that the apron with which Peter had just been invested was a family one, previously his brother’s and before that his father’s. Peter’s mother had also been a freemason. There were 30 members and visitors attending – a sign that at last attendances are beginning to improve after the lockdown period.

Peter Giblin (centre) with his brother Peter and the 3rd PGP to his left, Matthew Wainwright to his right and the 3 Principals of Chapter of Justice behind (l to r Gary Brock J, Robin Appleby Z and Paul Foster H)