At the meeting of Supreme Grand Chapter yesterday, 27th April, over twenty Derbyshire Companions were present to see the Appointment and Promotion of four of our members. The Grand Superintendent was pleased with the support given to those receiving honours.

E Comp. Stuart Riley of Round Table Chapter, Third Provincial Grand Principal, was appointed as Past Grand Standard Bearer and E Comp. Rob Smallwood of Chapter of Justice was appointed as acting Grand Organist – almost certainly the first ever Grand Organist from the Province.

Promoted to Past Third Grand Principal was E. Comp. Steven Varley of Chapter of Justice, Assistant Grand Master; and promoted to Past Grand Sword Bearer was E. Comp. Graham Boyd of Okeover Chapter, Deputy Grand Superintendent.

Fifteen of us lunched in the Connaught Rooms, whilst others chose the Freemasons Arms and other suitable venues. We had travelled by train from Sheffield, Belper, Stockport and Loughborough; by car to Stanmore then tube; and even by car all the way to Covent Garden and parking near Freemasons’ Hall.

Needless to say it was a splendid day.