Dear Companions,

Welcome to the sixth of our fortnightly communications, aimed at both keeping in touch and also encouraging making the study of the Royal Arch part of our daily masonic learning.

As a Province we continue to prepare for the resumption of convocations and hopefully exaltations once the current Government restrictions are eased. Chapters and Companions are making their plans and preparations too. Many thanks to all Chapter Scribes E for submitting plans for the ensuing year which includes a number of emergency meetings and details of 43 exaltations planned before next March. It is also worth remembering that the resumption of convocations may come before all Companions are ready to return and we should continue to be aware of this and respect the wishes of all Companions and be ready to prepare to cover their absences if that be the case.

Solomon continues to develop its offerings and recently a number of webinars have been promoted which were accessible via Solomon. Indeed, once again next week Solomon will be the platform for a webinar for Provincial Learning & Development Leads which I look forward to.

Today I thought it may be an opportunity to consider the Tau or more specifically the Triple Tau. This symbol of course takes centre stage amongst our Principal banners and also appears on the pedestal, but there is much confusion and differences of opinion on its origins. In our ceremonies it is rarely referred to except in the Symbolical and Mystical lectures or on the dedication of a new principal banner. Hopefully the following nuggets and papers will give some views.


 “Derivation of the word Tau”

Where did this word originate?


 “The Triple Tau”

The triple Tau the original principal banner?


 “The Tau and the Triple Tau”

A more detailed paper exploring the origins, associations and misconceptions surrounding the triple tau

Well that completes this week’s offerings, hope you all remain safe and well and that if you have not already had your vaccination you soon can, and indeed I know many will preparing for their second dose.

In the meantime best wishes and I hope to see you all soon.

Sincerely & Fraternally