Dear Companions,

I hope this email finds you well and continuing to cope with the current restrictions imposed to protect the NHS during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

I am again grateful for the positive feedback this initiative continues to bring and I hope you are all enjoying following the suggested topics or other offerings in Solomon which are of interest to you whether that be in the Royal Arch or the Craft.

As promised last week this week we will resume the research into the biblical characters in our ritual as well as the further self-learning from the Royal Arch. Hope you enjoy and all feedback and suggestions for future subjects would be most welcome.


 “Who was Haggai?”

 A short biography of Haggai, the character represented in our Chapters by the 2nd Principal.


“Haggai – Scribe in the Sanhedrin”

 This is a further extract from “The Royal Arch Explained” which expands of the above nugget to expand on the role of Haggai and his role in the Sanhedrin of Council of Elders.


“Self-Knowledge – A search for Enlightenment”

One of the greatest gifts of Masonic teaching is the knowledge of oneself. This paper is a further extract from “The Royal Arch Explained” and explores that most interesting of all human studies, the knowledge of yourself; the key to how we should live our lives.

Hope you enjoy these and remember “Keep well and Stay Safe”