Dear Companions,

As we enter week 8 of our weekly communications, many of us are probably still pondering what the latest changes in the lockdown mean to us individually.

For those fit and able to do so it may mean a return to work for others an increase in daily exercise, but for many it will mean  more of the same, staying at home and keeping safe. To those who have a new found “freedom” please remember the many still confined to their homes and keep in touch and continue to support them where you can. Those still confined to their homes may find the assistance they have received so far now unable to continue as those providing aid have had to return to work. Please in those circumstances ensure your Chapter Almoner is aware of your need. I must admit I for one have become expectant of the call I get every other Monday from a Companion of my Chapter ensuring Julie and I are okay and not in need of assistance.

Before presenting the recommended nuggets and presentations for this week, I have a further message for those who as yet have not enrolled in Solomon. UGLE have this week introduced two presentations in Solomon which can be accessed without enrolment (i.e. you access as a Guest Log In). The first is a presentation video “Starting your journey in Freemasonry” which while based on prospective new candidates for Freemasonry shows the depth of what is available and the second “Getting Started with Solomon” provides an overview of how to enrol and access the many nuggets and presentations available. Both of these are available from the Solomon home page at

Now back to this week and as promised a return to the biblical characters mentioned and represented in our ritual. Having examined those which are represented by the Three Principals we now turn our attention to Ezra represented in our Chapters by the Scribe E.


 “Who was Scribe Ezra”

 A very short biography of Scribe Ezra which will encourage you to proceed to the next presentation.


 “Ezra – Restorer of the Law and Temple”

 This is a further extract from “The Royal Arch Explained” which is proving a popular source of reference for those wishing to understand more of the Royal Arch.


 “Three Master Masons from Babylon”

For those who wish to explore further the historical background to our ritual, what do you understand from the second entry of the candidate when the Scribe N announces “Three Master masons from Babylon having heard ….”
Whilst we have provided some explanation in our recently introduced “Setting the Scene” here is an in depth survey of the historical story.

Hope you are continuing to enjoy this weekly sojourn, remember to Keep well and stay safe.