The Grand Superintendent and a score of Provincial Officers were treated to a superb exaltation ceremony by Scarsdale Chapter on 6th December. The exaltee, Brother Martin Cummings, could not have had a better entrance into Royal Arch Masonry; and the whole team is to be congratulated on the ceremony and lecture, especially the First Principal and the Principal Sojourner who performed much of the work. The festive board and fellowship which followed was up to the usual Chesterfield standard and the D of C is to be congratulated in keeping things moving in a timely fashion. The Provincial team greatly appreciates an early finish to allow us to disperse to our homes over the whole Province.
Companion Cummings has plenty of bedtime reading for the next month or two, having been presented with the booklets “Now You Are a Royal Arch Mason”, “The Exaltation Ceremony Explained” and “50 Questions and Answers on Royal Arch Masonry”.

Comp. Cummings flanked by the Provincial Principals and Deputy and the Chapter Principals